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GOLDEN RETRIEVERS are meant to be sweet, sensitive,
loving, healthy and long lived family companions. Unfortunately, the breeds
popularity has increased greatly in recent years and many are bred for the
wrong reasons resulting in temperament and health problems.

Here at HONOR, we are past our 38th year in Golden Retrievers.
Countless hours of work, research, genetic studies, expense, caring and prayer have
gone into each and every puppy born here. Only the best are used for breeding and our
choices for breeding stock go through scrupulous testing. Pets are placed with a
limited registration and spay/neuter contracts. Show pups are guided with our help
and input with years of genetic studies. We feel that the current over-population
of our breed is a serious, sad and unnecessary situation. Even if a dog is top quality -
remember the breeder needs to be experienced and have the hours of devotion and
knowledge necessary to guarantee a healthy, sweet tempered and beautiful dog.

Many HONOR GOLDENS become certified for therapy and
hearing dog work, servicing the physically and emotionally challenged community.
Others have striven towards working AKC titles and we are proud to be the breeders
of several hundred obedience and field titled Goldens. The last "dual" champion
in our breed was Honor bred Ch. AFC Honor's Darado of Spindrift, (Hondo) trained
entirely by his owner John Sprude. To date, we have produced in excess of
170 AKC Champions of record.

Despite these wonderful titles, they would mean nothing
if each dog was not everything a pet home desires and deserves. A golden by
nature should be a loving and calm house pet devoted to children and tolerant of
all sorts of things. Producing this wonderful breed is a challenge we take very
seriously. We are here for consultation, guidance, training, boarding or just
plain friendship. We are in constant contact with our puppy buyers and have
extensive family photo and video albums from our extended families.

"Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him to help you do it and He will."
PSALMS 37:5 The Living Bible

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